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  • RPM-3D Announces 2018 Chevrolet MONSTER ENERGY Camaro 3D Model

    RPM-3D was asked to model the 2018 MONSTER ENERGY Series Chevrolet Camaro in order to provide Realistic 3D Renders to Teams and Sponsors in the series.

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  • RPM-3D Announces 2017 Chevrolet XFINITY Camaro 3D Model

    RPM-3D was asked to model the 2017 XFINITY Series Chevrolet Camaro in order to provide Realistic 3D Renders to Teams and Sponsors in the series.

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  • RPM-3D Creates Hero Card For Smokey Mountain Racing and Johnny Sauter

    RPM-3D, Inc. was contracted to design the Smokey Mountain Herbal Snuff Racing Team Hero Card for Johnny Sauter to autograph and hand out in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series.


    A photo was supplied of Johnny Sauter, however they did not have a current photo, so RPM-3D was tasked with photo-editing the entire Fire-Suit, Adding a Hat and all the logos in the correct placement areas on the suit.


    RPM-3D, also did the 3D render of the Race Truck as well...  Wanting to have a look and feel that was consistant with a brand that was born in the Smokey Mountains, RPM-3D designed this card to refect that while still promoting sponsors and providing information on the driver.


    View the Hero Card Design

  • RPM-3D Creates Hero Card Design For Michael Annett and Pilot Flying J

    RPM-3D, Inc. was contracted to design the Hero Card for the #46 Pilot Flying J NASCAR Chevy SS Team of HScott Motorsports piloted by Michael Annett.   RPM-3D, came up with several designs but we finally decided on a more simplistic design shown in the top 2 images.


    View The Hero Card Design

  • RPM-3D Creates Designs Paint Scheme for Harrison Burton

    Jeff Burton, NASCAR Driver and father to Harrison Burton contracted RPM-3D, Inc. to design a Paint-Scheme for Harrison's sponsor DEX Imaging.  We wanted something that was easily viewable on the race track and on the televison broadcast.

    RPM-3D, Inc designed roughly 10 different versions and these were the version choosen by the Burton's and was raced in the K&N Pro Series.


    View the Paint-Scheme Design Created By RPM-3D, Inc.


  • RPM-3D Creates Designs Website for KG Construction and Remodeling, LLC

    RPM-3D, Inc. was hired by KG Construction and Remodeling, LLC to design their web-presence and provide them with a website that would not only showcase the work the can do, but also have a site that is "expandable" for future opportunities.  RPM-3D, Inc. trusts KG Construction as their General Contracting Company and encourages you to give them a try as well!


    A little about KG Construction and Remodeling, LLC:


    KG Construction is a very versatile building company that is diversified and experienced in many types of construction.  All of our work is supervised and managed to give each client the individual attention required to achieve the highest quality and maintain the customers needs at all time.  We take great pride in our hands on approach to each and every project.  There is no job that is too big or too small for us. Our mission is to deliver every project on time and within your budget.


    Learn More About KGConstruction by visiting their  Website

  • RPM-3D Creates Paint-Scheme Design for FLASR and Tommy Baldwin Racing

    RPM-3D, Inc. was hired by FLASR and Tommy Baldwin Racing to solve a problem:  Their current Paint-scheme Design for the FLASR Car was not working on the real car during the decal process.  RPM-3D, Inc. used their 3D Technology to not only Identify the problem, but Design a New Paint-Scheme that Promoted the FLASR brand in a better way.  From "This is not working" to "This looks and works great!" in less than 24 hours.  RPM-3D, Inc. got the FLASR Sponsorship back on track and racing with Reed Sorenson behind the wheel!


    3D Render FLASR Visual

    Paint-Scheme Re-Design Layout of FLASR Car

    Learn More About FLASR by visiting their  Website

  • RPM-3D Creates 3D Renders For The American Muscle Driving Experience

    RPM-3D, Inc. creates 3D Visuals for " American Muscle Driving Experience" Which is owned by Steve Park and Tommy Baldwin Jr (both of which RPM-3D, Inc has done business with before in the NASCAR Industry).


    Cup Car Visual

    Camaro Visual

  • RPM-3D Creates Paint-Scheme Design & 3D Renders For Leilani Munter's "Prairie Gold Solar" Race Car

    Leilani Munter requested that RPM-3D once again creates the Paint-Scheme Design for her race car that would promote Solar Energy... In Particular the Prairie Gold Solar Power Company...

    Solar Panels Aren't Just For Tree Huggers Anymore...

    See Design Layout Of The Car

    See 3D Render Of The Car

  • RPM-3D Creates Paint-Scheme Design & Renders For Leilani Munter's "BlackFish" Race Car

    RPM-3D works with many drivers, teams and sponsors to create 3D Render Visualizations of their Products or Race Cars.  Leilani Munter wanted to promote the film "BlackFish" to raise awareness of how these majestic animals are captured and treated and what happens to them in captivity, and RPM-3D was more than glad to assist with this great cause by providing 3D Renders and Designing the Paint-Scheme.

    See Design Layout Of The Car

    See Image Of Car Design

  • RPM-3D Announces 2014 Chevrolet Silverado Camping World Truck 3D Model

    RPM-3D was asked to model the 2014 Camping World Truck Series Chevrolet Silverado in order to provide Realistic 3D Renders to Teams and Sponsors in the series.


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  • RPM-3D Helps Leilani Munter's Race Efforts With 3D Renders

    RPM-3D was asked by Race Car Driver Leilani Munter to create realistic 3D Renders of her new ride for the 2014 ARCA Series.  Leilani is very passionate not only about racing, but about using Renewable Energy and stepping away from "Fossil Fuels" as much as possible...  While at RPM-3D, customizing the angles she wanted for the 3D renders, she was kind enough to show off her new "All Electric Ride" the Tesla Model S Sedan which is a simply amazing car!


    View The Press Release

  • RPM-3D Discontinues Vector Templates, Releases 3D Driver/Crew Suit Mockups

    RPM-3D's Vector templates have been used by Teams and other Motorsports Companies since we introduced them 4 years ago.  After much success, we are moving in a different direction and will no longer offer pre-designed Vector Templates to the public.

    Custom Vector templates can still be built specifically for your needs by RPM-3D, Inc.


    RPM-3D is announcing that their 3D Driver/Crew Suit Mockups are now available.  Mockup a Driver Suit, or Pit Crew Suit to show your sponsors... Where it was once 2D, We have made it 3D, viewable from any angle you can imagine and parable with a vehicle as well as poseable.  The uses for these 3D Suit Mockups can be for Merchandise, Sponsor Proposals, POS Display, Promotional Material, Stand-Ups, Hero Cards, etc.


    Take a closer look today!

  • RPM-3D, Creates Graphics, 3D Bottles, and Marketing Material for CroftGate USA (Waterless Car Care Products)

    RPM-3D Works with CroftGate USA, Waterless Car Care Products.  Creating Label Designs, Marketing Material and 3D Bottle Visualizations. See for more information

  • RPM-3D, Creates Realistic Renders for Hendrick Motorsports

    RPM-3D Works with StudioBanks to create Realistic Car Renders for Hendrick Motorsports Website

    (Image Link) (Image Link) (Image Link) (Image Link)


  • RPM-3D Creates 3D Interactive Printer Display for Roland-DGA

    Created specifically for marketing the new SOLJET Pro 4 XR-640 Large Format Printer/Cutter (See Link)




  • RPM-3D Announces 3D Driver Uniform and Helmet Models

    3D Driver Models are complete with poses available now for renders (See Images)



  • RPM-3D Announces New 360-Degree Car Viewing Application

    RPM-3D's "Exclusive" New 360-Degree Car Viewing Application can take your Fan's and Sponsors Websites to the next level. (See Demo Here)


  • RPM-3D Assists Budweiser in their “Pick The Paint” Promotion

     Sponsor "Budweiser" needed realistic looking images of 3 different NASCAR Sprint Cup Paintschemes in order to allow fans to 'Choose" which scheme would race in the 4th of the July Daytona Race. (See Image)


  • RPM-3D Helps Saatchi & Saatchi create Print Ads for Toyota

    When one of the largest marketing companies in the world "Saatchi & Saatchi" needed to create the Toyota Sponsafier 4 AD Campaign, they need to take schemes from actual fans and turn them in 'Realistic' looking images.


    RPM-3D, Inc was there to help, using our "Proprietary" 3D Motorsports Models

    (Image1), (Image2), (Image3)


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