RPM-3D Has Revolutionized The Motorsports Industry With Its Realistic 3D Renders and Models.

RPM-3D, Inc. was founded by Justin Jacobs in 2003 to supply the racing industry with “Turn-Key”, High Definition Motorsports Graphic Solutions and the Commercial Industry with new ways of promoting their brands, services and products.


Seeing that the sport was rapidly changing and getting more advanced technologically, Justin saw that the “Graphics & Visual Identity” of the sport was not moving in the same direction.


RPM-3D is now the “Leader in 3D Motorsports Graphics”, and is changing the way the motorsports industry presents their team, sponsors, and merchandise to fans and associates.


RPM-3D has the most accurate and detailed 3D models for motorsports found any where in the world, and has the fastest “turn-around” times in the industry. From renders for proposals to T-shirt graphics, to advertising campaigns, even paint-scheme designs, RPM-3D is your source for “Turn-Key Motorsports Graphics.”


Sponsors pay millions of dollars to promote their company, products, and services on race cars, and up until RPM-3D, all the graphics had been created via 2D applications that was not able to be easily adjusted or changed once the final version was rendered.


3D graphics on the other hand has the unique ability to evolve and promote teams, sponsors, drivers and products in very unique ways, and can be easily adjusted once the 3D model is built.


The other problem was that teams were using older techniques such as photography for Hauler Graphics, Hero Card Design, and advertisements. Photography is expensive and 1-dimensional. Your vehicle has to be designed, decaled, and them transported to a photo-location, and if sponsors change, it all has to be photographed again.


3D allows the team to capture the Car, Hauler, and other decaled items at any angle, even angles that are not possible today with photography. 3D also doesn’t require that the car be decaled, or even moved to a location. If sponsors change you simply render the item again.


3D also cuts costs on “proposals and presentations” by allowing the sponsors and team to see the items in a realistic manner before final approval. 3D can even provide interactive applications that allows anyone to view the item 360-degrees on a web site, presentation, or CD/DVD media packets.


What sets RPM-3D, Inc. apart from other "3D render services" on the market is RPM-3D's 3D render services are the best quality and have fastest turnaround time in the industry.


Our 3D models are built specifically for Teams and Sponsors usage from the data we receive from teams, laser scans, Wind tunnel data and manufacturers.


You will not find RPM-3D models for sale anywhere on the Internet.  No other Company has access to our 3D models or Interactive 360-Degree technology, or our 3D-Driver/Crew suits.


RPM-3D was built for teams and sponsors, and has proudly served the NASCAR and Motorsports Industry for 16 Years.

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