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MoonLit Cooperage

Project Goals

Design a Logo that captured craftsmanship along with being rustic and all with the Moon in mind… 

MoonLit Cooperage products are one of a kind rustic, repurposed decor.  Their amazing craftsmanship turns “junk” or items that would normally be discarded into amazong decor that can be used for a variety of things.  From Venues to home decor, MoonLit Cooperage has the skills to produce truely unique works of art. Their main product is restored and repurposed Whisky and Wine Barrels.

RPM-3D, was hired by MoonLit Cooperage to careate a brand logo that capture thier rustic decor, along with the Moon, as this started as a moonlighting business.  Taking those design ques, RPM-3D went through several design ideas that incompased the request.  

Ultimatley, this design was choosen by the client to represent their brand.  RPM-3D, then took it a step further in creating mockups for business cards and marketing material such as decals, stencils, and stamps.

Not only is MoonLit Cooperage a client of RPM-3D, RPM-3D is a Customer of MoonLit Cooperage.  

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