Jeff Strong

Partner/3D Artist

I’ve always loved drawing/graphic design. In school, art class was the only one I enjoyed (and I was good at it too!).

I never really got serious about it until 2002 though – when NASCAR Racing Series 2002 was released and it allowed painting custom cars for online racing. I loved it! My name was well known all across the online racing world (well, my nickname anyway), and when I posted new cars for download, they always had countless downloads.


A couple years later, I started working on display scenes to render the paint jobs and modeling a few add-ons to enhance the scene. That’s about when I started talking to Justin Jacobs at RPM3D Inc.


Through RPM-3D, Inc, I was able to acquire 3D Studio Max and started some serious modeling.


Our first big break came from Motorsports Authentics, They wanted new models to show off their diecasts, so they sent me a few prototype models for reference.

Although they wanted their models to look like toys (you can see them on every NASCAR diecast box today). Afterwards, more realistic models were created and now they’re being used on everything from websites to hauler prints, to interactive web models, to weekly ad flyers from Aarons.


When I wasn’t making racing models for RPM3D, Inc; , I was working on street cars and other items for myself and my own site. There were a few contract jobs for other companies mixed in there as well.


Obviously I’m a huge fan of art – motion and still. I love movies and I’ve always been a gamer since I could pick up a joystick.

It would be a dream come true to get a job working in movies or games. I’d love to see something I created on the big screen – whether it’s a 40′ wide theater screen, or a 40″ wide TV. I’ve already seen my art plastered on buses and race car haulers, so it’s only logical to aim for the screen.

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